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Fees and Payments

Membership Fee is paid ONCE per year


Adult                                             $60

Secondary School student          $35 (Paid in your fees to the school)

Intermediate School student      $30 (Paid in your fees to the school)


Squad Fee (for National League players)        $50

Manawatū Kiwi Canoe Polo account:
03 0728 0218483 00

Please provide details:  Player's NAME, Team NAME, Term fee/other

The Membership fee shall be paid at the beginning of the term in which the player participates and is valid for the entire calendar year (only pay once per year). The fee is also used to pay the affiliation fees to Central Canoe Polo Association (CCPA) and to our national body, New Zealand Canoe Polo Association (NZCPA).

IF members belong to another club, please let us know so that NZCPA affiliation fee is only from one club.


The Squad Fee is a separate fee that covers annual rental of repairs/improvements to the courts, access/storage at the Chalet, and equipment maintenance (PFDs, etc.)  And supporting coaches.  This fee is to be paid by players that play and train for the National League.


Players are expected to pay a $100 deposit towards the season when they register to play for the upcoming Club season. This is also a commitment to play and helps with season costs.

This $100 deposit is due by 1st of December for each season.

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