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Manawatū Kiwi Canoe Polo

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MKCP Opportunities to Play Explained

MKCP National League (NZCPA)

This is a three-tournament series, run by NZ Canoe Polo Association (NZCPA) to find New Zealand’s top club teams. Teams are selected and entered into the competition, by clubs right across New Zealand.

MKCP enters teams in all grades: Open and Women’s A Grade, Open and Women’s B Grade, Open C Grade and Open D Grade.

A grade is for our top most experienced players, and D grade is for our newer and younger players.

Open means mixed gender, Women is for women players only. 

A B & C Grades are capped by teams entering and club spots are allocated based on previous years results. D grade we are unlimited in entering, if you’re new and want to play, we’ll find you a team.


National League takes place between March and June over a series of tournaments and is held at different venues throughout the country. These venues are spread across, Palmerston North, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.  A & B grades typically have two rounds in the North Island, and one in the South Island. C & D grades are all played in the North Island


Any player wishing to play in the National League series for MKCP may do so, but spots in teams from mid-C grade and up, are selected via trials. These take place at the Hokowhitu Lagoon between November & February but may vary between grades.

Join the  MKCP member's FB page to find out club information

MKCP School Grade

This is played at Intermediate and High School levels across terms 2 & 3.  Play is catered to all levels and is a great way to develop before Club polo. Players learn and compete against other schools to battle it out and see which school is top. You will need to talk to your school sports coordinator to get involved with this. School players should join the Schools Facebook page

MKCP Social Canoe polo

These social nights are opportunities to learn, play, have fun and develop your game. They are also great opportunities to connect with others within the polo community. Social evenings are typically held at the Makino and Freyberg Pool


Summer Social Competitions

These great summer weekend competitions cater to all levels of play and are run by different clubs across NZ. MKCP may use these competitions to prepare for National League, or players may choose to self-select. Players often choose to play for more than one team here.  


Central Canoe Polo Association

MKCP is one of a number of clubs across the lower western part of the north island that makes up the Central Canoe Polo Association. This encompasses Taranaki, across to Wairarapa and down to Wellington. Central hosts a Development camp as well as an In-House Competition every year. Central also takes the top players across different grades to Inter-Regionals, an NZ-wide competition held every two years.  Central Canoe Polo FaceBook page


New Zealand Canoe Polo Association (NZCPA) is affiliated with the International Canoe Federation. New Zealand Canoe Polo administers the sport on behalf of our members with the mission: “To promote and encourage all aspects of Canoe Polo in New Zealand for the future of the sport and its participants”.  NZCPA Website

NZCPA runs the Secondary Schools Championships as well as development camps for up-and-coming top Canoe Polo players looking to reach a higher level. 

NZCPA has a base of experienced and talented coaches and managers that work with our highest-performing athletes through training and development. Those who make it to the top are supported by NZCPA to represent New Zealand at international competitions.

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