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Manawatū Kiwi Canoe Polo

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Committee Members & Grade Coordinators


The MKCP committee  is made up of a number of members that provide governance, and practical delivery of many of the programs / practical organisation delivered by our club.

Made up of both players and non players, our members come with wide ranging skills that are provided on a voluntary basis to keep our club running.  

With busy lives they give their time and experience to make our club thrive, grow and develop for the betterment of our entire polo community.

The committee meets monthly and is always available to talk with and answer questions, as well as take ideas and suggestions for the betterment of our club forward.


Current club president Amy Walters is a non player, but sideline supporter of 5 children whom all play Canoe Polo.

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Carl Massarotto


Referee Mentor

Referee Coordinator

Paul Hocquard

Wednesday Night Social

Cheryl Palmer

Sunday Night Social

Child protection Coordinator

Code of conduct

Bronwyn Jensen

Funding Manager

Greg Sawyer


Gear Upkeep

Amy Walters

Club President

Code of conduct

Squad Manager

Andrew King

Gear Upkeep

Glen Mullins

Intermediate Referee Mentor

Georgia Wheeler

Coaching Developement

High Performance Developement

Connor Taylor

Coaching Development

High Performance Developement

Jo Shepherd

Junior Player Development

John Frost (Frosty)

High performance Coach

Code of conduct

James Mitchell

Referee Mentor

Anthony Thomas

Code of Conduct

James Mitchell

A - Grade Open

Jo Shepherd

A - Grade Woman

Intermediate Schools Coordinator

Amy Walters

B - Grade Open

Teresa Alcock

C - Grade Open

Schools Coordinator

Jonathan Persson

D - Grade Open

Intermediate Coordinator

Grade Coordinators

Cheryl Palmer

B - Grade Woman

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