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Our Club

Manawatū Kiwi Canoe Polo is currently made up of around 315 members. Our club's members span in age from 9 years through to players in their 60’s. These members' abilities within our club range from new beginners right through to World representative players. A number of our members have been with our club for over 20 years and continue to play.

Most of our announcements are done on our Facebook page

What is Canoe Polo?

Canoe Polo is a fast-paced game of two halves of 10 minutes. It is played by two teams with a minimum of five players in open water or in a swimming pool. With the aim to score into a goal suspended above the water at each end of the pitch. Canoe Polo combines kayaking and ball handling skills within the contact team game where tactics and positional play are as important as the speed and fitness of the individual athletes.

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